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Whether you are planning to dive fully into digital marketing or you just want to design your own website for your business, the first stage to get that done is with web development. Designing or developing a website is never as easy as it sounds. However, it may not be as terrifying as you fear.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the things you need to know about web development and how to go about it. Before you take a web development tutorial, consider going through this article and trying to assimilate the information.

What is web development?

When you search for a website and it appears on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), everything you see, starting from the website name to everything on the website is web development.

Web development is everything that goes on in your website that you don’t see. Everything that appears on a web page is an effect of what the web developer has created behind the scene.

Developers use several coding tools to create every font style or color, image position or shape, and several other features. Although there are many drag-and-drop web development tools these days, coding still has its great advantages over the majority of them.

Some web development software to try

As mentioned earlier, there are so many drag-and-drop web development tools at the moment; however, many developers prefer to use coding because it gives them more options – contact me for more details.

Below are some of the most popular web development tools to use:

1. WordPress

WordPress makes up over 65% of all the websites you will find on the internet today. This is because the web development tool is one of the easiest and straightforward to use. Another feature of WordPress is that it helps you create a search engine optimized website.

2. Adobe DreamWeaver

DreamWeaver is that one web development tool you want to use if you love coding but want to have it easy and smooth. DreamWeaver creates a predictive coding system, where you don’t have to type in every alphabet and sign to create your site.

3. Macaw

Macaw is another amazing web development software for code-savvy developers. However, unlike Adobe Dreamweaver that has a starting price of $9.99, Macaw is a free tool. Macaw lets you save up all the layouts and templates for later use, while also optimizing your website for all devices.

4. Photoshop

Although Photoshop may not be an actual tool that creates websites, it is software that aids web development. Photoshop is used to create 3D art, design, enhance, and alter photographs, as well as edit videos. It is your go-to tool for almost everything graphics on your website. Every web developer has this.

Itay Verchik says that There are tons and tons of other web development software that you can try out. If you take a web development course, many of these would be mentioned there.

If all you want from web development is to create one website for your business, you may not need to go through the rigors of learning code. Simply pick one of the easy-to-use web development tools above or use web development services.

Free web development courses you can take

As a beginner in the web development scene, you want to ensure that you have the most basic and background knowledge about web development before you give into learning codes. Some of these free web development courses will help you:

  • Khan Academy
  • Code Academy
  • Mozilla Developer Network
  • Coursera
  • Coding Dojo Algorithm Prep

All the above 5 courses will start you up with the most basic and foundational knowledge about web development to keep you attentive and interested in the program. You can also check out Udemy for some paid courses if you believe that payment will help you pay more attention.


Web development is a very broad topic. Even though it is all a part of digital marketing, it contains almost every other thing you do in DM. From SEO to content marketing and several other aspects of digital marketing, web development plays a salient role.

Web development is the order of the day, especially for online businesses, so ensure that you find an expert in the field to take you on a course or provide you with the service.

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