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Google is the biggest search engine in the world right now, taking up over 65% of all daily searches.

Advertising on Google is only wise as a business owner to seek advertisement, using Google metrics and algorithms. Unlike the advertising on Facebook, when you hear about advertising on Google, one of the thoughts that come to your mind is SEO.

Well, Itay Verchik says it’s a part of the process, but not entirely it.

Here, we will look at advertising on google, the benefits of doing this, and how to possibly go on this journey if you are new to it.

Follow this article through and through and you will learn more than enough to see your business through.

What is Google Ads

Google Ads is a platform that lets you advertise your business, product, or service, online. Advertisers open Google Ads account to bid for the opportunity to advertise their products and services.

Sometimes, these ads are placed strategically on SERPs (search engine results pages). Other times, you will find them on social media, videos, mobile apps, web pages, and more. The basic point to understand is that you pay a certain amount to get your advert placed by Google.

Benefits of advertising on Google

If you are still wondering if you should invest your time and money into advertising on google, these few points will help you make a decision more quickly.

1. It gets you noticed more quickly

If you have ever searched for a term on Google, especially when it is a search for a business or product, you would have seen at least two ads pop up at the top of the first page. Those are ads by other businesses that Google is subtly bringing to your notice.

You may need to have some SEO practices in place. However, if you are paying for them, they may appear on that page automatically. Most people get the urge to click on the top sites on the first page.

2. Payment is done as you get clicks on the ad

Yes, you don’t have to pay for the ad until you get the result of using the ad in the first place. This makes it easier for you to reach the audience of your choice at very low costs. Managing your expenses will also become much easier.

Note that the clicks you get on your site may not yield any significant sale for you. However, if you have a 10% turnover rate, you would be able to cover the payment for your ads and still make some profit.

3. Gets you connected to relevant leads

After placing an ad in a certain niche and you get people who click on it, you know that the majority of the people who have clicked on your ad are interested in the ad. This makes for an increase in sales levels. Google will not display your ads to people who have no interest whatsoever in what you have to offer.

4. Google reaches billions of people every day

Although your ad may not get to the billions of people who search for different things on google daily, which is not the main aim, you will definitely get your ad published to a reasonable percentage of that population that is ready to buy from you.

Starting out with your first advertisement on google might just be the easiest thing you will ever do on the internet to help your business earn more money.

The process is straightforward. If you hit a roadblock, which is highly unlikely, the help team at Google are always ready and willing to help you through.

Google Ads can work with any budget. As mentioned earlier, you don’t need to pay for your ads to reach anyone. Google takes over that liability and only charges you when your ad gets a click. This means that it behooves Google to get your ads to the frontline for them to make money off you.


Advertising on Google comes easy to even the newest beginner and is one of the best things you can do for your business – contact me for more details.

You will experience a huge turnaround in your sales and reach. This strategy can also help you to improve your SEO as you go.

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